The Technology

Powerline Communication Definition

Power Line Communication (PLC) is a communication technology that enables the sending of IP data over existing power cables. This means that, with just power cables running to an electronic device you can both power it up and at the same time control/retrieve data from it.

PLC is like any other communication technology whereby a sender modulates the data to be sent, injects it onto medium, and the receiver de-modulates the data to read it. The major difference is that PLC does not need extra cabling, it re-uses existing wiring. Considering the pervasiveness of power lines, this means with PLC, virtually all line- powered devices can be controlled or monitored!


powerline-gatewayThe Setel PowerLine Gateway

This versatile piece of hardware can be provisioned in 3 roles:

1. Vessel Master Unit (VMU) SPL-HDG-HE

The VMU is the master unit on the network, used to inject our IP signal onto the electrical infrastructure of the vessel in question. This is normally done on the main electrical distribution board (DB) in the Engine Control Room.

2. Repeater (REP) SPL-HDG-REP

As part of our network design, there may be times when the IP signal injected by the Vessel Master Unit will require boosting to provide a wider coverage or additional bandwidth. In these instances the Gateway is provisioned as a Repeater unit.

3. Slave Unit SPL-HDG-GWY

Standard Gateways can be provisioned as Slaves to the Master Unit via sub DBs or simply plugged into a socket with a flying lead as a more robust network access point and alternative to the CPE. Full training in deployment and network design can be arranged.

cpeConnection Point Electric (CPE) SPL-WMEU-CPE

Once the VMU is installed, the CPEs are used to create the network by providing the connectivity to items such as CCTV, Sat Comms and monitoring systems across the vessel.

The units are simply plugged into electrical sockets or power supply junction boxes where required or can be removed from their housing to create bespoke in-line solutions.

They have an RJ45 connection to allow for the connection of any IP peripherals.

wapWireless Access Point (WAP) SPL-CPE-WAP

This new unit has been designed to further aid deployment of wireless networks. It has the CPE technology built in alongside a Wireless Access Point.

Once you plug this unit in to provide it power, it will instantly gain its comms from the electrical system, creating an instant Wi-Fi zone.

Use to provide a permanent Wi-Fi network or simply “Plug & Play” wherever and whenever required to provide a temporary Wi-Fi signal in any location.


Download full datasheets (pdf)