The Global Partner Program

partner-platformAs the requirement to deliver more and more on-board connectivity increases at pace across the globe, so does the opportunity for the use of Setel PowerLine’s Power Line Communication (PLC) technology as a medium to deliver it.

From this opportunity has grown the “Partner Platform”. It has been designed to allow your business to add our unique technology to your portfolio, instantly giving you a USP within your given sector or region.

The flexible, secure and cost effective nature of our technology will give you a huge advantage over your competition and help you extend your business and secure new tenders.

Partner Options

By becoming a certified Setel PowerLine partner, you are benefiting from our years of experience. The knowledge and skills that our team have built up over the last decade will be passed on to you by our partner training team, and supported by your own dedicated account manager, enabling your business to quickly expand and monetise this unique opportunity.

The ability to market, promote and successfully install our unique products is our specialist know-how; if you have received this document then we are keen to share this with you as a potential key partner, to forge a strategic alliance to help grow our successful brand for the benefit of all.

It is our strategic model to use regional partners to help grow our business into key shipping regions. To use the local knowledge and relationships already built up by the partner in their region to quickly bring our solutions to market.

Don’t have an install team? Don’t worry, you can use ours.

Once you start generating your own pipeline, there is an extra option on request to have your own engineers fully trained in the deployment of our unique networks; in the meantime you can rely on our installation team to carry out deployments on your behalf.

The Enabling Technology

ship1Setel PowerLine’s solutions provide the connectivity to compliment thousands of different products and services.

Your company may provide hardware, software or devices that require an element of networking to operate.

Whether this is CCTV equipment, monitoring devices or reporting software, it is likely that the single biggest “barrier to market” is the cost and associated downtime in providing a network on-board a vessel on which to deploy these solutions.

Our solutions are a fantastic ENABLING TECHNOLOGY; any number of different IP based peripherals can be networked on-board at the same time, on the same Setel network with minimal cost.

Our partner model has been designed with maximum flexibility to allow us to work in a way that best compliments your business.

The solution to the end customer can be fronted by either you the partner, or by us. We can act as your agent for the network element of the project or a joint solution can be provided.

We have many years experience in working with global partners and our Project Managers and dedicated Partner Account Managers are here to help close business and expand on all opportunities.

Profit Margins & Revenue Streams

As an example, a supertanker or container vessel with 6 decks with a requirement for one CCTV camera per deck: The cost of PowerLine equipment to a partner for this project would be at Re-Seller rates and installed by one man in just a couple of hours.

It is your customer and the profit margins you make are entirely up to you, but we don’t suggest simply adding a margin on to your partner unit price.

The ease of deployment of our technology leads to huge savings for vessel owners when compared to traditional methods such as structured cabling.

The ability to deploy invisibly in a matter of hours with no mess, cables, drilling or need to bring a vessel out of service, may be the difference between a project being viable or not.

CCTV may be the initial driver for the network requirement, but due to the unique nature of our solutions, many other applications such as Wi-Fi for Crew Welfare, internal LAN extensions etc. can simply be added to drastically increase profitability and project success.

Additional Revenue Streams
The requirement for increased connectivity and security is forever growing. The requirement planned for now, will undoubtedly change months or even weeks down the line.

A fully planned structured cable installation could take months to plan and deploy due to the challenges of vessel availability and a reluctance for downtime. By the time it is done it is often outdated and so the process continues.

With the Setel PowerLine solution, units pre-purchased and held on-board can simply be plugged in to provide connectivity as required, future proofing vessels for all future requirements.

Additionally third party equipment such as cameras, tracking, monitoring and telemedicine equipment, can be deployed at the same time over our network, allowing for countless upselling opportunities.

The Setel PowerLine Gateway

Partner price on request

The VMU is the master unit on the network, used to inject our IP signal onto the electrical infrastructure of the vessel in question. This is normally done on the main electrical distribution board (DB) in the Engine Control Room.

Once installed the signal is available across the entire vessel wherever there is power or lighting. Each VMU is simply connected to a DB using either an inductive or capacitive coupler.

cpeConnection Point Electric (CPE) SPL-WMEU-CPE

Partner price on request

Once the VMU is installed, the CPEs are used to create the network by providing the connectivity to items such as CCTV, Sat Comms and monitoring systems across the vessel.

The units are simply plugged into electrical sockets or power supply junction boxes where required or can be removed from their housing to create bespoke in-line solutions.

They have an RJ45 connection to allow for the connection of any IP peripherals.

wapWireless Access Point (WAP) SPL-CPE-WAP

Partner price on request

This new unit has been designed to further aid deployment of wireless networks. It has the CPE technology built in alongside a Wireless Access Point.

Once you plug this unit in to provide it power, it will instantly gain its comms from the electrical system, creating an instant Wi-Fi zone.

Use to provide a permanent Wi-Fi network or simply “Plug & Play” wherever and whenever required to provide a temporary Wi-Fi signal in any location.

Slave/Repeater (GWY/REP) SPL-HDG-GWY/REP

Partner price on request

As part of our network design, there may be times when the IP signal injected by the Vessel Master Unit will require boosting to provide a wider coverage or additional bandwidth. In these instances the REP unit is used.

Also used as a Slave unit to the VMU via sub DBs or simply plugged into a socket with a flying lead as a more robust Gateway access point and alternative to the CPE. Full training in deployment and network design can be


Partner Launch

Becoming an authorised Setel PowerLine Partner

Unlike the vast majority of vendors, it is not Setel PowerLine’s aim to simply expand our network by appointing a large volume of partners; in fact, quite the opposite.

We feel this would de-value our unique offering; and so we choose to carefully target and appoint a limited number of partners, in key regions and sectors, that can add real value to our network.

To be accepted into this network, potential partners need to demonstrate commitment and motivation, which will then be matched by us, to forge genuine partnerships that deliver highly profitable new revenue streams for our partners.

Once accepted as a partner, our marketing team will begin to work with you to produce co- branded collateral, increase web traffic and develop prospects.

You will be introduced to your dedicated Partner Manager who will agree a schedule to install a demonstration suite of equipment in your office. This is vital to allow you to familiarise yourself with the technology and perform live customer demonstrations.

With the schedule agreed our engineer and trainer will travel to your location and prepare you for launch. Our engineer will be with you for a full day to install and optimise your PowerLine network.

Our trainer will spend four days with you covering all the key sales and marketing aspects of our unique technology. They will work alongside you in developing your pipeline and identifying prospects. You can also prearrange client meetings which they can lead — what better way to learn than seeing it done first hand!

Post launch you will receive our full support with ongoing marketing, pre & post sales technical support and a dedicated point of contact in your Setel Partner Manager.

Our business model creates an environment in which partners will thrive and our direct level of engagement underpins our commitment to this model.

Contact us today and look forward to that new revenue stream flowing!