Setel PowerLine and Partners – a Collaborative Event Showcasing Smart-Ship Technology

Setel Powerline
Innovation in Ship Operations Event

Setel PowerLine and their partners combined to hold the inaugural “Innovation in Ship Operations” event on board the historic, PowerLine enabled, HQS Wellington in London last Friday.

The aim was to showcase the array of capabilities that can now be used on the vessel’s IP network, provisioned by Setel PowerLine, without the need for expensive, time consuming and disruptive re-cabling.

Commodore Angus Menzies R N, Clerk to the Honourable Company of Master Mariners set the scene with a fascinating insight into the vessel’s history. This was followed by a series of presentations from Setel and the partners; Vocality, M-Connected, Synergia and Ethersec Industries. These combined with a series of partner demo stands created an environment designed to enlighten the 50 strong guest list to the very real technological advances now on offer.

The assembled attendees invited from all areas of Defence, Maritime and Media were exposed to the types of applications now being developed to enhance all aspects of on board safety, security and situational awareness,

designed to create an overall improvement in operational effectiveness.

By looking at the risks and threats that are faced in the modern maritime environment the event focussed on areas such as:

• IP Networking
• Drones
• Tracking (Vessel & Personnel)
• Autonomous Surveillance
• Anti-Piracy
• Offshore Onshore connectivity
• Maritime Security

Guests were given full access to the vessel to ask questions, grab data sheets and even take an active part in the demonstrations.

The highly successful demonstrations culminated in a networking buffet on The Quarter Deck where conversations continued into the early afternoon.

It is hoped that this is the first of many such events aimed to showcase the increasing numbers of emerging capabilities designed to create the Smart Ships of tomorrow, today.






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