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Setel PowerLine Ltd are proud to introduce their award winning PowerLine technology.

about-page-3acrossSetel PowerLine’s simple 3-piece solution (right) is an industrialised version of the Home Plug concept you might have seen domestically. It establishes a vessel wide IP network on board all maritime vessels and installations by injecting the IP signal direct onto the existing electrical infrastructure (below) and accessed via any electrical socket either via plug in or by WiFi.

“Enabling without Cabling”

Our fast and efficient installation process, in a matter of hours not days, negates time consuming, risky, complex and expensive re-cabling with Cat5 or Cat 6 cables. Once installed, the number of applications that can be added onto this IP backbone are as limited as your imagination.

CCTV Surveillance, Systems Monitoring, Anti-Piracy measures, RFID Tracking and Telemedicine, as well as Crew Welfare support can now be easily implemented without interruption to operations or dry docking.

The Setel PowerLine system is backed up by a full support & maintenance platform that allows remote access and optimisation.  PowerLine has excellent security with powerful 3DES/AES encryption with IEEE 802.1q VLAN and Proprietary VLAN capabilities.

Although this technology has been in existence for the last 12 years on Land, it has only recently been introduced by Setel to the Maritime Industry.  Consequently, Setel PowerLine were recently awarded the 2015 Sea Trade Award in the category of “Innovation in Ship Operations”.   http://www.seatrade-awards.com/index.php/winners/winners-2015

We are constantly looking to expand our client base and to spread the word about our exciting product, whether that be commercial shipping, cruise liners, fishing fleets, Oil & Gas or the Super-yacht world.

We are also partnering with companies to provide “solutions” to clients as a one stop shop, including some very clever “Best of Breed” WiFi and CCTV providers.

We have already established a broad portfolio of high net worth clients from across numerous maritime sectors.

The Setel PowerLine system is installed on board the HQS Wellington on The River Thames, by Temple Underground in London, where we would be more than happy to demonstrate its capabilities to you.